A Few Good Runs

(Yes, I watched that movie this weekend, sorry for the corny title 😉 )

Today: I started an experiment in lab in my running clothes and then took off for a 7-mile run. I felt great my first step – light and agile and ready to go. I maintained a pace just at comfort level – Hal’s instructions to me today told me to listen to my body and just go; not to worry about pace or speed, just to do what felt comfortable. 7 miles in 1:01:19 (8:41 mpm)

Monday: A slightly torturous recovery run. I am noticing my Monday runs are hard after a weekend of running, but that I always feel better for having done them. Must continue to keep this in mind as my mileage increases – they’re called recovery runs for a reason and I must go slow! I’m guessing, given how hard they are now, this won’t be a problem! 3.7 miles in 34:07 (9:13 mpm)

Sunday:One of the best runs I’ve had in a while! I got into my rhythm right away, and kept pretty consistent for the entire run. To boot, it was also MUCH cooler than it has been around here, so even finishing my run at noon wasn’t a hindrance to me! I also brought a water bottle with Gatorade (which got diluted at each drinking fountain I passed), which helped I think. It was definitely one of those runs during which I didn’t think, I just looked around me, kept one foot in front of the other, and felt great! 12.3 miles in 1:56:46 (9:29 mpm)

Saturday: Ran a marathon-pace run with BF. He was feeling a little bit stiff from his “too-fast” run the day before, so I decided not to push the pace tooooo much for his benefit. I kept it at a comfy-but-decent pace, which turned out to be MP in the end! A good thing, I suppose, that my MP is comfy for 6 miles 🙂 5.5 miles in 46:38 (8:26 mpm)

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