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Things that are better than 60* and sun:

1. Not a whole hell of a lot. Good thing this is a short list today.

2. Running 6.36 in 1:00.12 in said weather. Especially when that’s a 20+ degree difference from the past few weeks. Omg get me out of the Midwest!

3. Having a date with my dad tonight! My mom is hosting her book group, and while there are few things as exciting as witnessing a bunch of women discussing literature and eating boxed key lime bars, especially when said women haven’t seen me in ages and would “absolutely love to see [me],” according to my mom, I prefer to avoid being swarmed and instead eat Italian food with my dad.

4. I witnessed typical MN 4-way-stop behavior on my run today: both people waving frantically at each other, wanting the other person to go ahead. Seriously, I approached the intersection, ran through it, and they were still sitting there. People, it is not rocket science. There are just a few simple rules to a 4-way stop 1-the person who arrives first gets to go first. Do NOT fuck things up by “being nice” and letting others go first. 2-if there is a tie, the person on the right gets to go first. If you have to put your thumb and forefinger at a right angle to help you with this, so be it. Do NOT fuck things up by “being nice” and letting the person on your left go first. 3-The person going straight has the right-of-way to the person turning left from the opposite direction. Do NOT fuck things up by “being nice” and letting them turn in front of you. And so ends my list-within-a-list.

5. It is Wednesday. I have not worn anything except running clothes or pajamas since Sunday morning. I don’t know if that’s awesome or sad.

6. Blogger is doing this funky thing where it thinks the cursor is 2 inches to the right of where it actually is. It’s not annoying at all.

6.36. Off for today’s adventure! Later!

6 thoughts on “Things that are better than 60* and sun:”

  1. Your list posts are cracking me up. Gotta love people who do not understand basic rules of the road. And being in running clothes 24/7 sounds awesome. I was wearing mine yesterday and thought “I need a job where I can wear these all day!”

    Maybe I need a job at a running store?

    PS – who else would Bacon be?


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