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Earlier today, in response to a simple “how are you” text, a close friend shared that she was having some difficulty with feeling depressed and wasn’t having a very good week. This wasn’t the first time this friend and I have talked about this—this periodic depression is something we have in common and know about… Continue reading Exorcism

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I’m all packed up to save the world

Friday, January 20th, 21:43: I sent a text to my traveling boyfriend before bed, letting him know what I was up to. I had just finished organizing my stuff to carry me through the next day, which would be replete with some of my favorite people, doing some of my favorite things and, well, estrogen.… Continue reading I’m all packed up to save the world

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Observer Effect

In physics, the observer effect suggests that observing something changes that which is being observed. Creating an artificial system to measure natural phenomena - something I did all the time in my lab-rat days - necessarily involves imperfect instrumentation and manipulation. Shining a laser on a cell in order to make its tagged proteins fluoresce eventually… Continue reading Observer Effect