All my life, I’ve heard all the schoolyard puns on my last name. First National. River. “Oooh you must be rich.”

Well, I finally get to make a pun of my own: Erin Bank becomes the Bank of Erin.

But what would a Bank of Erin look like?

It would be a bank where I could curate all the pieces of me: a writer, a runner, a traveler, a science nerd, an introvert, a perfectionist, a seeker of nature and sunshine, a friend, a family member, a member of society, someone who struggles with depression.

A place where I could deposit and withdraw knowledge and ideas and opinions. We all have them, even if we’re not trained experts.

I don’t believe in limiting human curiosity. Yet, we’re told to find our niche, to dive deep.

Gone are the days of renaissance men (and women, although let’s be honest, we haven’t exactly been given much of a chance).

I want a place where I can be a grant writer and a fiction writer. Where I can write essays about my passion for science literacy and disparities in research and clinical care, alongside my passion for writing fiction, alongside my passion for running and fitness, alongside my passion for social justice.

Instead of creating enough pseudonyms (not to mention websites and personal brands) to make my head spin, I have created a Bank of Erin.

Want to contribute? Email Erin M. Bank at erin at bankoferin dot com. Let’s collaborate!

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