Bank of Erin Consulting

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My Philosophy: Science is a Story

What stories are you trying to tell?

  • The significance of your research, so you can obtain independent funding
  • The impact of your research, so you can publish your findings
  • The direction of your research, so you can strategically plan for the future

Your group has the subject-level expertise and boots on the ground to carry out processes, but you’re not sure how to best organize and deploy resources. 

You need to create momentum and structure as your group grows, you may need expertise to guide through a particular project, decision, or planning process, but there isn’t funding for a permanent, full-time position.

Besides, you’re also busy conducting day-to-day operations – you need someone to see the big picture, put pieces into place to ensure success, and be an objective (and knowledgeable) source of advice and information.

I can provide the support you need in the following areas:

Strategic planning: mapping out process, designing and leading meetings and brainstorming sessions, identifying deliverables and next steps, pulling out overarching themes

brainstorming flow chart on a white board

Grant proposals: team building, strategic planning, project management, writing and editing, defining and tracking metrics and milestones, progress reporting

Other reports: white papers, annual reports, gap analyses, presentations, pitches, summaries

Idea generation: designing and leading meetings and brainstorming sessions, team building, facilitated conversations, gap analyses

post it notes and drawings on white board

Administration: advice on staffing, functionalities, team building, professional development

Leadership: building oversight and advisory groups, meeting structures, strategic planning

Click to request your initial exploratory meeting!

At this time, I am available on a very limited basis (I still have a day job, after all). Please query erin at bankoferin dot com for more information.


Do you make fee adjustments?
Please contact me if you are a non-profit or unfunded entity to discuss alternative payment options.
If it’s a rush job, I will increase my fees by 25%

Do you write on contingency or commission?
No. It is against the Association of Fundraising Professionals Code of Ethical Principles and Standards to accept compensation based on a percentage of funds received or to accept contingency fees.

How do we get started working with you?
Request your free consultation

Then what?
One side will initiate a contract (I can use your institution’s standard, or create a less formal one for you), which will include a scope of work, maximum allowed amount, and timeline.

How does the billing process work?
I submit invoices monthly, and am happy to give an update on accrued charges at any time. To avoid a late fee, please mail your payment within 30 days. I’m happy to work with you to navigate the financial system at your institution.

Can you guarantee success in procuring us grant funds?
No. A successful grant application requires not only a well-written proposal, but other factors not under my control.