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Latent Lollygagger: Career

We go around asking each other about our careers all the time. It’s the ultimate small talk question: “What do you do?” Our culture emphasizes these roles as part of our capitalist machine: career implies a place in society, a person whose role in production and output fits into a tidy little noun. I’d much rather know what you’re passionate about, what you look forward to doing, what you’d do for free.


How Can We Get Through This?

The paradox of this time is that we’re so well-trained that “doing nothing = bad,” that now doing nothing seems like a punishment. But the only way for us to come out of this hard time is to let it be hard, and then to take steps so that next time, it’s not as hard.

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Entitlement (a sketch)

also posted on Medium - https://medium.com/@embank11/entitlement-a-sketch-bc5ba243e5e5 I’m trying to figure something out. I haven’t fleshed out this theory, but it’s been something I’ve been mulling over and seen pop up again and again in all of my conversations—real and virtual—ever since #45 began his candidacy. By writing about this tonight, even without doing research or polling… Continue reading Entitlement (a sketch)