Establishing a Routine

I suppose if I’m going to keep up with this blog during training, it’s best for me to start posting every day NOW, then it will seem like old habit in a few weeks when training starts! So, even though this isn’t technically training yet, I’ll post this week’s workouts!

M 5/7, 9:45 Reservoir Run – 5.5 miles in 47:15.
Nice way to start the week! Ran at a comfy pace, with BF.
5:30 Training session at gym – legs today
Felt a slight pang in my right knee at the end, while doing squats. Stopped immediately, stretched, felt fine after the session.

T 5/8, 18:30 Tempo Run – 6.4 miles total in 52:26 (included 4 miles in 32:00)
Don’t have exact mile splits to know how evenly I hit the splits. Felt pretty good – hard but comfy. No knee pain!

W 5/9, 9:30 Reservoir Run – 5.5 miles in 48:01
Wanted a nice, easy recovery run after last night’s tempo run. Was proud of myself for not letting BF push the pace too much, as he was feeling fast.

Th 5/10, 16:55 Training session at gym – plyometrics and obstacle course.
Also ran to/from the gym, for another 1.5 miles onto the week. Session was interesting, lots of different exercises to keep me distracted!

F 5/11 Rest day. (unless you count our softball game that may or may not get rained out later) Already at 19 miles, so don’t want to push myself too high, considering last week’s mileage was 25.

S 5/12, 09:30 10 miles in Central Park in 1:27:43
Perfect day for running – sunny and 67*

S 5/13 Will be a rest day.

Total mileage: 28.9

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