This week

M, 5/21, 9:00 Remembering-how-to-run-again 4 miles in 33:29 (8:26mpm). If not for Ron I would have probably not gotten myself up to run… but felt great once I got going. Beautiful day, legs felt fresh (no wonder, after being lazy for a few days!), and a good way to delay the return to work post-vacay!
16:30 Training session – legs. My trainer attempted homicide of my legs. Oooooh boy, will I be sore tomorrow!

T, 5/21, 9:00 Reservoir loop – 5.5 miles in 47:20 (8:34mpm) My legs aren’t sore yet, but they’re definitely tired. Lots of stretching afterwards (and a banana with breakfast!) to hopefully get rid of the worst of what’s sure to set in later…

W, 5/22, 1800
4 miles in 34:34 (8:42mpm) My legs felt slightly tired – had to stop and stretch the ol’ calves after 1 mile. I had lots of energy and my breathing felt fine so I’m kind of bummed I couldn’t go longer, but probably better to cut it short today and have a great run tomorrow. The foam roller was definitely put to use post-run!

Th, 5/23, am Tempo run with Ron. 6.4 miles in 52:49 (8:17mpm). ~11 min to warmup, 4 miles in ~31:30, ~10:30 min to cool down. Really felt good – pace was hard, but comfy. Mile paces were pretty even, even though I think I didn’t take them at exactly the right places. Really felt like it was a good tempo-run pace – could have held it for longer, but was glad to be done 🙂
1700 Training session – arms Now attempted homicide of my arms… I wonder if my trainer is trying to tell me something, hahaha.

F, 5/23, rest day Much needed – legs definitely tired today, so I’ll give them some TLC!

S, 5/24, 09:00 8.3 miles in 1:11.03 (8:32mpm). Pretty hot (80*) and humid – the first run of the year that I felt the heat element. But BF and I had a pretty good pace, despite that.

S, 5/25, TBD 4 miles

Anticipated total: 30-33 miles

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