Hilly Thursday

Today’s workout called for 3xhills. Translation: find a 200-400m hill, run up it 3 times. There’s a hill in the park about 1.25 miles from my apartment, so a perfect wu/cd distance. It was such a nice morning that I was glad to be out in it! And, my legs felt absolutely wonderful – rested and strong and fast! I think the hill is at least 300m, as I ran each hill in about 1:10. There were actually quite a few other runners out, and I loved whizzing by them as they struggled up the hill. Regular park runners call this hill Cat Hill due to the presence of a large sculpture of a cat at the crest of the hill – during races, runners definitely give the cat a big ol’ growl as they peak the hill!

The workout felt great, and I’m enjoying more and more running in the morning as a kick-off to my day. It feels great to have it done!

3.7 miles in 31:24 (8:34 mpm)

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