Slow and Steady

I am currently icing after my first run post-leg scare. I did 4 miles verrrry sloooowly. For the first mile, I was running very gingerly to test things out. After I got to the park, my leg had warmed up and felt much better than that first mile. It was very hard for me to find my stride because I don’t think I was ever fully relaxed, and my leg was on my mind the whole time. My feet hit the ground harder than they normally do, and my shins ached a bit and my feet fell asleep. But I’d say the last 1.5 miles I felt 90% normal – at least my stride felt easier and less like I was thinking about it. I honestly never really found my “groove” during this run, but I think that was inevitable. All in all, there was just a little stiffness and no real pain, so that is a great sign! 4 miles in 36:40 (9:14 mpm)

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