This weekend

Wow, lots to catch up on – guess that’s what happens when the shoddy internet connection goes out over the weekend!

Today – An easy 4 mile recovery with BF. My legs were definitely tired and it was pretty hot, but it felt pretty good. 4 miles in 34:02 (8:34 mpm)

Sunday – Woke up early to get a 10-miler in before the heat set in. The schedule called for 11 but BF’s called for 9 and I didn’t really need to push my legs (especially after Saturday’s disaster) so 10 it was. 10-ish, because we used the Manhattan Bridge as a turn around, and it ended up being 9.7. Oh well! I think the lack of food and a bit of dehydration was still in play from Saturday, as we both felt pretty sluggish, but it was overall a good run. 9.7 miles in 1:30:12 (9:18 mpm)

Saturday – spent the entire day on a bike and in the sun at the beach. Great day, but not enough food and certainly not enough water. When I finally got around to running my 5 miles, the weather was great but my legs were unhappy with me! I felt achy and crampy and couldn’t tell if it was a lack of fuel issue, a too much sun issue, or a leg issue. I also think I started out too fast under the delusion that I had energy and was ready to go. I felt myself slowing down in the 3rd mile, for sure. Imagine my surprise, when I logged my run, that I actually hit an 8:20 minute pace – exactly my marathon pace, as I was intending to do! I felt more like I was running 10 minute pace 😉 5.5 miles in 46:21 (8:23 mpm)

Friday – rest day!

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