As you can see from the discrepancy between the preceding “This week” post and the sidebar “This week’s mileage,” I’ve done some deviating from my plan. I was going to run 3 miles Monday following my training session on the TM at the gym. Well, my motivation was lacking afterwards (should have run first, but couldn’t get out of work early enough) and then my iPod was out of batteries so I scrapped the run. I figured 3 miles isn’t a hard number to add in over the week.

Tuesday morning’s run was shortened on account of the intense heat and humidity. But I did manage to get back to the gym in the evening to run 3 miles. So with this morning’s 4-miler, I have run 12.5 miles so far this week – if I were true to my plan, that number would be 13, so I think I’m back on track 🙂

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