Week in Review

I swear I didn’t fall off the face of the earth, just haven’t been able to update… so here I am!

In general, I felt much better this week than last, energy-wise. I think last week’s fatigue was a result of some strange eating habits and appetite weirdness going on. This week, I made a huge effort to monitor went into my mouth to make sure I fueled myself properly, and wouldn’t ya know it, I feel much better!

On to the runs:
Sat 7/21: I failed miserably at my attempt to evenly split MP. My idea of 8:20 was apparently much different than what an 8:20 actually feels like. I could not get my body to run slower than an 8:15. I’ve since deleted all my splits, but it was a disaster. I felt great the whole time, not like I was doing a tempo run or anything, so I’m not sure what was up. I’m glad I figured this out, though, so that on future MP runs I can be very diligent about pace. 8.33 in 1:08.17 (8:11 mpm)

Sun 7/22: 16-miler! Ran 6 with BF until his turn-around for his scheduled 12-miler, and continued around Manhattan. It was the first time I’ve had to loop back up along the West side and I enjoyed the change of scenery. Took a Gu after 75 mins or so with diluted Gatorade and that seemed to work well. Started a little later than normal and it was humid, but survived 🙂 15.9 miles in 2:32:19 (9:34 mpm)

Mon 7/23: Uneventful recovery 3-miler on the treadmill. Legs felt good today – probably has to do with the lovely ice bath after Sunday’s run – must do this all the time! 3 miles in 28:56 (9:38 mpm)

Tues 7/24: Lovely 8-miler – first half done with BF. Very nice pace, very nice morning. 8.5 miles in 1:14:49 (8:49 mpm)

Wed 7/25: 4-mile recovery run. Went to work for a bit first before heading out – I think I like waking up and digesting at work before running, but unfortunately it’s the time of year when this isn’t always possible. 10am may have been fine today, but normally it’s too hot! 4 miles in 35:05 (8:50 mpm)

Thurs 7/26: 4-mile tempo run. My warm-up to the park was scary: my legs felt heavy and I didn’t think the tempo part of the run had the possibility of being good. I stopped after a mile to drink water and stretch, and when I started moving again, I felt looser. I thought if I hit 8 mpm on the tempo, I’d be happy, and I managed that. I did my normal loop backwards, as well, putting the hillier section in the first couple miles to get them over with, and that always helps mentally. 6.4 miles in 51:29 – middle 4 miles in 31:20 (7:50 mpm) (8:04 mpm together)

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