Wow, two posts in two days!

Monday, July 30: I barely had time for today’s run, so I was happy to sneak in 3 miles in the middle of an experiment. Showing up to lab post-run all sweaty is always fun – haha. My quads were still a bit sore, and most definitely tired. Recovery runs are always borderline torturous to do, but I always feel better afterwards and the next day if I trudge through them. 2.7 miles in 26:48 (9:46 mpm)

Tuesday, July 21: Got up early to get in my scheduled 9-miler. My goal for this run was just to listen to my body and go as fast or as slow as it wanted. The first couple miles were spent waking up and loosening up, getting rid of all the creaks in my legs. After Mile 3, I could open up a bit and fall into a more comfortable pace and it felt really great. I flew the last couple miles back home, finally feeling strong and energized. 8.9 miles in 1:20:48 (9:04 mpm)

2 thoughts on “Wow, two posts in two days!”

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