Lead Legs

Well, I knew it. Today’s scheduled fartlek turned into a cross between a recovery run and an easy run. My legs could barely pick themselves up, let alone the pace. The only good thing about the run was that I managed to sneak it in between rain storms and I was able to strip of my long sleeved shirt, officially marking it as the first t-shirt-and-shorts run of the year. Too bad it couldn’t have actually felt better and hasn’t been the slowest I’ve run that loop in one year. Although, I will say my legs do feel better after the run and a lot of stretching/Sticking/foam rolling.

The rest of this week will be lower intensity as I want to rest my legs for the 10 mile race on Sunday without dropping my mileage too much.

6.3 miles in 57:53 (9:05 min/mile pace)

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