I am trying not to be eaten by the stress-monster, but oy what a week. It’s pretty much my own doing – DBF will be in town next week and I’d obviously much rather spend time traipsing around the city with him than in lab.

Thank goodness I have running otherwise I’d really be going nuts right now!

Yesterday’s run was just an easy run to the gym before my shoulder/ab workout. This isn’t a prescribed Pfitz run, but I’d like to keep myself at a 5x/week schedule to see if I can’t push the 55 mile week peak a little higher. Wednesdays will be all recovery runs, and if I ever feel like I’ve bit off too much, they’ll be an easy place to cut back since they’re not actually part of the Plan. Admittedly, today’s run was not in true recovery pace – it is my first week after all and am not feeling the training fatigue yet. That, and I was late to meet my trainer so I couldn’t force myself to slow down very well… 3.7 miles in 30:26 (8:17 min/mile)

Today was another early-to-lab-in-running-clothes day. I hit the road around 10:30, when the weather was perfect and I felt great on my 8 mile GA run. It’s the simple pleasures, really, that I think make running such a release for me: ducking out of lab for an hour to run, enjoying NYC in the spring, the smell of the cherry and pear trees, passing a biker on an uphill, passing more people than vice versa, hitting mile 7 and not knowing where the time has gone… Taking stock of the little things on a run is so important, both for stress relief and motivation. At the end of the day, if you’re not running for those little things, I think running could become a source of stress, instead. Obviously I’m competitive and chase numbers myself, but take that away, I know I’d still run. 8.1 miles in 1:01:26 (8:16 min/mile)

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