Back at it.

After almost a week sans running and diligent rolling and icing (with some Aleving a few times), I’m feeling about 90% perfect. I still feel a slight tightness in my hip, but the aching is certainly no more. It will still take me being careful with the ice and the foam roller, but at least now I don’t feel the ache just walking around.

I had my first run back yesterday – an easy 6 miles. It was slow, but pain- and twinge-free.

I also figured out that I’m 18 weeks out – so I’m just starting back in with the 18/55 schedule. This allows me to drop mileage for a few weeks to ease back in. Perfect!

6.3 miles in 56:53 (8:55 min/mile)

1 thought on “Back at it.”

  1. Hooray!! I’m so glad to hear the ache is gone! Just keep rolling away & hopefully you’ll be feeling completely fine in 18 weeks 🙂


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