30 for 30

Hello family and friends!

As many of you know, I’m turning 30 on June 20th. As fewer of you may know, I am running the Grandma’s Marathon in Duluth, MN on June 18th. Due to its proximity to my birthday, I thought it would be fun (yes, fun) to add on 3.8 miles to the normal 26.2 of the marathon to run 30 miles for 30 years.

Until now, running marathons has always been a very personal and almost selfish thing. Through that, all of you have offered me more encouragement and support than I could possible imagine. I hope to transfer that to something bigger than me. While the 30 for 30 milestone is a huge one for me, I also know that I’m so lucky to be able to do so and that I can use this opportunity to give something back to people whose lives are changed in an instant.

I have decided to raise money for the charity ShelterBox in honor of my “30 miles for 30 years” run at this year’s Grandma’s Marathon.

ShelterBox is an amazing organization that I learned about a few years ago during my time with the Rotaract Club at the UN in NYC. They provide boxes that supply up to 10 people with temporary shelter and essential supplies after displacement due to natural disasters. You can learn all about their mission and the incredible work they’ve done at http://www.shelterbox.org/.

The cost of one such box is $1000, which is my fundraising goal. You can link directly to my fundraising page at the following website:

I know everyone is watching their pennies these days, but please consider donating to ShelterBox as part of your tax-deductible charity budget this year.

Again, thanks for your donation and I – and ShelterBox and the hundreds of thousands of families they have already helped – appreciate for your support.

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