Random running observation

My heart rate for my half marathon was low. Way low. Averaged 171 for a 7:08 pace, max of 178. This is my marathon pace heart rate, people.

I know, I’m getting around to realizing this a few days late, but I was kind of depressed about my 1:34 time and didn’t want to look at the splits. My Garmin cradle is being wonky and will allow me to charge (thank goodness) but not to upload, and I’m just now going through my splits. But I digress…

I knew my legs were my limiting factor on Sunday, but I didn’t realize by how much. I knew my cardio felt fine. I’m not really sure what this means I should do between now and NYC. Just trust the taper will get me the rest I need? Switch from wearing Kinvaras to trainers, which are kinder on my calves?

Great, one more thing to have to analyze between now and race day. And no more chances for tune-up races…

Edit: adding info about my pre-race running:
All the nitty-gritty deets are on the sidebar —>
I wouldn’t call it a taper, really, but I did cut out some of the miles Pfitz wanted me to do that week. My 7-day total pre-race was around 64, after having been at 75+ for a while.

In comparison, before my PR half last December, which was also 4 weeks out from a goal marathon, my 7-day total pre-race was 60, after having been only in the high 60s/low 70s. That week looked like this:

R-14.4 MLR
F-6.4 R
S-20.8 LR
M-10 w/ 5×600
T-10.1 R
W-6.25 R
R-6.9 R + Aussie carb load run

And as for the shoe comment: I’ve worn the Kinvaras during several halves this summer, all of which were disastrous because of the heat. I’ve also worn them on tempo runs and MP runs. I would say that I’m always aware of my calves to some extent in them, and in fact starting wearing my CEPs with them for this reason, which helps but doesn’t prevent. I think the pace that feels the best in them is actually MP and not the faster paces.

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