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Latent Lollygagger: Career

We go around asking each other about our careers all the time. It’s the ultimate small talk question: “What do you do?” Our culture emphasizes these roles as part of our capitalist machine: career implies a place in society, a person whose role in production and output fits into a tidy little noun. I’d much rather know what you’re passionate about, what you look forward to doing, what you’d do for free.



A list of words that have, for me, changed in meaning and significance over my life. I'll be exploring these in blog posts in 2021. loyaltystudentemployeecareerchoicewomangoodforgivetrustfaithgodcitizenwhiteyoungorganizedlazysuccessfulproductivehumandevoteddisciplinewrongrightsmartintelligenteducatedcapitalismmoneyhealthentitlementhard workmeritbodystrengthpatriotAmerican Dreamwelfareracismsocialismdeservepridefeministpatriarchypoliticsfeminine gendersexsexualitygaystraightmarriagedaughtersistermothergriefguiltshameangerfearcouragerespectobedienceempathysympathybravefamesatisfactionworkfulfillmentsanecrazycontrolvulnerabilitypassionpermissionstructureroutinebossyambition

2020 Hindsight

2020 Hindsight

From the journal entries and freewriting I've managed to do, I created a stanza a week to capture both the personal and world struggles during the pandemic, how "pre-covid" life concerns (aka anxiety/depression) weave with new stresses and situations to create a tapestry of worries and gratitudes, indignation and hope.