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Latent Lollygagger: Being Real

I have returned from a place that isn’t real, and yet is a place I am the most real version of me. I spent Memorial Day weekend returning to Wilder: a place I first ventured one year ago. Wilder is a women’s writing and running camp, curated and organized and gently held by Lauren Fleshman.… Continue reading Latent Lollygagger: Being Real

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Tuesday Morning Coffee Blog: Accepting

I must have hit the snooze button three times this morning. I don’t remember any of them (sorry, Josh). As I boiled water for the coffee, I spent ten minutes in meditation. I use the app Headspace, which has all sorts of guided meditations, including series focusing on a topic or theme. I’m in the… Continue reading Tuesday Morning Coffee Blog: Accepting

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Tapers and races and new goals, oh my!

Today: 9 miles in 1:13:591. I'm in full-on taper madness. 12 days until NYCM! This means I'm overly hyper about creaks and phantom pains, keep waffling about my goal time and race strategy, and all that good stuff. Although, the more marathons I do, the less I find myself obsessing over race logistics. Maybe that… Continue reading Tapers and races and new goals, oh my!