This weekend

Saturday: I was sort of anxious about today’s run for some reason – I was afraid it was going to be very hot, and I had walked around a bunch shopping earlier in the day so I guess I just thought I’d be tired. Well, without even planning on it, this run ended up being at MP (even though the plan called for just a “run”). I’m excited that the pace I just fell into as comfortable is my MP! It gives me some confidence that I might not be too crazy trying to BQ! 7 miles in 59:01 (8:21 mpm)

Sunday:Long run today! The high today is 94* so, needless to say, it was important to get on the road early! Early for me is 7:30 – early for my BF is 6! So 7:30 it was, haha. BF and I ran 9 miles together in the park before he cut out to go home to complete his planned 10 miles, and I continued around another 4-mile loop to end up at 14 miles. I tried to pick up the pace a little bit the last 3 miles or so, and I think I did (although I didn’t take splits, oops!) I also think a few of the earlier miles with BF were a bit faster, considering he did his 10 in about 1:30. It was also my first run with a gel – I was drinking Gatorade and water the first hour, then took a gel with water and continued with just water the last 6 miles. Seemed to work! 14 miles in 2:10:36 (9:19 mpm)

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