All tuckered out

This morning’s “tempo run” was not all I hoped. Apparently, being outside for hours in the cold and rain, walking a mile to/from fireworks, being on my feet, and a strange holiday eating schedule is NOT a good recipe for fresh, ready for a tempo run, legs.

I felt tired when I woke up, but I always take a while to wake up. So it was no surprise it took me an hour to get on the road. From the first step I knew I was going to have to adjust my workout. I was planning on 6 miles total, with 4 miles at about 8 mpm pace. That was not going to happen. Instead, I did an easy mile to the park, then did the 2-mile loop as follows: I sped up to about 8 mpm pace for 5 mins, then increased the pace for 5 more minutes, then back to 8 mpm pace to the edge of the park (about 4 minutes). Then an easy mile back home. My legs felt sluggish and tired the entire time – breathing perfectly fine, just legs not wanting to move. I stretched well afterwards, and I rolled on my foam roller, thankful to be done! 4 miles in 32:58 (8:18 mpm)

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