Fun with maps

OK, I promise not to do this for every run (although admit it, it’s kind of fun), but here’s the loop I ran this morning:

I hit the road around 6:15 this morning, as I needed to hustle into lab by as close to 8 as I could manage (which turned out to be 8:15). It’s nice having the entire run done by the time the park is opened to auto traffic. I felt great, and had to rein myself in a bit, remembering this is a recovery week and I don’t want to stress myself out too much on top of getting in the miles. I did about 8 strides at the end (I say about because I always lose track around 4 – how do people count these? Or am I just missing that synapse?) and they felt the best they ever have. So, a great way to start my full day! 7.3 miles – including 8 x 100m strides – in 59:11 (8:07 min/mile)

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