I am trying to keep myself awake to take my midnight time point. Yes, I have to go to lab for about 10 minutes at midnight to drug my parasites. Fun stuff.

Running since last week has been good. Nothing too unusual to report. Despite myself, my pace during my recovery week last week did not at all resemble recovery pace. Oops. I think it’s hard to go slow when I’m still at mileage (both daily and weekly) I can do without much effort. I’m sure as the mileage increases, my body will be more than happy to slow down during recovery efforts.

Today’s workout was a 4 miles tempo run (9 miles total). For some reason, LT runs always make me nervous. I think I anticipate the LT portion to be like running a race and be killed at the end. I think about the pace I need to run and always get a knot in my stomach thinking it’s too fast. After how many tempo runs? Today was no exception – and as I finished my 2 mile warm up, my stomach turned as I picked up the pace. But then, as I hit the end of the first mile at almost exactly 7:30 and realized I wasn’t really going to die, I fell into the pace and really enjoyed it. This happens EVERY TIME I do a tempo run. You’d think, one day, I’d realize they are nothing about which to be nervous, but are actually a great way to feel fast and get a great workout. 9.1 miles in 1:13:59 (miles 2-6 in 29:58 – 7:30 pace) – 8:08 overall pace

The remainder of the week is a little mixed up. My parents are coming into town on Thursday and are staying with me. While I’m lucky they’re 150% supportive of my running, something tells me their idea of fun in NYC is not accompanying me on my 15 miler. So, I am moving it to Thursday morning, and filling the time they are here with shorter runs.

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  1. Nice work on that tempo run! I can totally relate–I always get nervous for mine too, and it always turns out fine. The whole point is they’re not supposed to be TOO hard, which I always forget. 🙂Have fun with the ‘rents!


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