Holy heat wave, Batman.

Ahhh summer in the city. It’s amazing how the asphalt, concrete and steel bump up the temperature about 10*. It’s oppressive. Don’t get me wrong, I love the heat, there’s just something about NYC heat that seems so… unnatural and uncomfortable.

The heat wave started on Saturday, just in time for our annual tradition of camping out at the Belmont Stakes all day. What a great recipe for a long-run prep: bloody Marys, pasta salad, brownies, and horse racing in 90* heat.

My 13-miler on Sunday morning was not actually as bad as Saturday’s activities would suggest. I woke up early to beat the heat, although not early enough to think running in Central Park would be a good idea. It was the day of the Puerto Rican parade, and it is notoriously wild. Even at 7am I wasn’t going to put myself anywhere near 5th Avenue, so I headed down the East River. I was a little nervous because there is only a couple miles of tree cover on this route, but since I had gotten out the door early, the sun was actually low enough that the FDR overpass provided shelter almost the entire way. Between that and the natural air conditioning provided by the wind coming off the water, my water-soaked towel and hat, and plenty of water stops to refill my water bottle, I didn’t actually melt. I’ve felt the heat a lot worse on other runs.

This morning I was slated for a LT run – 8 miles with 4 miles at LT pace – but I decided to throw in the LT miles into my 10-miler on Thursday, after the heat breaks. It was in the mid-80s already by 6:30, so there was really no chance of beating the heat today. I did a comfortable 8:30-ish pace instead.

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