I’m here! I’m alive! I guess when things are just chugging along I don’t think about doing a recap after every run. That, and I’m kind of in all-systems-go mode with my focus entirely on finishing my lab work to be able to write my thesis. I’m working on transitioning from “lab work with writing on the side” to “writing with lab work on the side.” I’m learning this really means “write in addition to the same amount of lab work. Oh, and look for jobs and arrange interviews for your next trip to Israel. Oh, and make sure you start taking care of things that need to be arranged ahead of time, like making sure that cat of yours is going to be allowed into the country and that you’ll be able to drive once you get there with some sort of license. Oh, and you still can’t have a conversation in Hebrew (Hi, how are you does not count as a conversation). Oh, and this long-distance stuff isn’t really getting any easier, is it?”

Yeah, hellooooo stress. It’s a wonder how marathon training on top of everything else going on isn’t too much. However, knowing myself as I do and how much running helps me relieve stress instead of adding to it, I had a feeling this was going to happen when I signed on for this marathon. I know how good it is for me to log the miles, and how easy it is for me to get caught up in my stress and let running slide, if I don’t have a plan and a training program and motivation to get out there. That, and the exercise certainly helps me sleep at night, if nothing else will. And there is certainly something to be said for the chance to clear my head and be alone with my thoughts for an hour of the day.

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