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Focus on Form

Now that I’m back in base-building phase and running so slowly, I really want to be focusing on my form in all my runs. There are little triggers I can use while I’m actually running – the best one for me is to think of someone pulling on a string attached to the top of my head. That really gets me to keep my pelvis and core from tipping too much, and automatically gets my feet more under me, encouraging a mid-foot strike.

I’ve also been thinking back to my track days, when we started every practice with a warm-up and a good 15 minutes of form drills. You know, high knees, butt kicks, etc. It’s been a while since college, so to refresh my memory, I found this cheesy yet helpful video on the Running Times website:

Never mind the bad jokes and the fact that this was targeted towards Master’s runners. It demonstrates some of the easiest and more effective form drills that runners can do. The whole thing took me about 20 minutes in the middle of a 5 mile run. I’m an idiot and accidentally stopped my Garmin, but I did basically 2.5 miles, then the drills, then another 2.5 miles; all said, taking about an hour. After each drill, I would jog back, then do a sprint, then walk back. Honestly, each sprint felt easier and more effortless as I kept doing the drills. I’m going to try to add these in to a recovery run once a week. I look super silly doing them, especially in the middle of crowded Central Park, but they’re actually kind of fun!

1 thought on “Focus on Form”

  1. The video is so cheeze that it MUST be spelt with a “z.” But on the other hand, I got a lot out of watching it. I think if I had to do HS over again, the only thing I would change is that I would have done track instead of softball. Running you can do your whole life (mostly), but softball? I haven't stepped foot on a field since my junior year. Now that I'm running more consistently, I wish I had some basic training on form/drills to draw on.


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