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Long run list

1. I ran 16.17 miles in 2:30.12 today.
2. I felt like horseshit the first 5 miles. Creaky and like I wasn’t physically capable of running fast enough to get my heart rate past 143 bpm. That’s slow, btw.
3. I finally felt good at almost an hour into the run. I love it when that switch happens.
4. Then it started to rain, and I ran in a steady downpour for the last half of the run. I cursed it when it started, but then remembered that I would much much MUCH rather run in rain than I would the crappy humid pea soup sauna that has been MN weather of late.
5. I don’t know if I’ll get through all 16 of my list items… because….
6. My dad is currently going over my resume and some documents I have to send a recruiter…
7. And then I have to incorporate his comments into said documents and send them to said recruiter… before…
8. We drive to Owatonna to pick up Wanda…. who is….
9. My very first title-and-insurance-is-in-my-name car!
10. She’s a ’92 Camry with 130,000 miles on her. Watch out, I’m mobile.
11. I’m then driving directly to the Cities for a friend’s bday celebration tonight.
12. Then, it’s off to Madison for the weekend.
13. By Sunday night, I will have run nearly 30 miles. That’s a big list. No promises 😉
14. Maybe I’ll make it! My dad just sent me his comments!
15. Job, here I come! Car, here I come!
16. Cue Mary Tyler Moore theme music (if I had more time, there would definitely be a You Tube video here.
16.17. Onward!

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