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Where did that week go?

1.  I had big plans to do an “80 for 80” post to celebrate my 80-mile week last week. Then, my Saturday post-run got all crazy-like and I didn’t get around to it. It actually wasn’t going to be as epic as it sounds – item 1 would have been “I ran 81 miles this week and feel great,” items 2-40 would have been “I’m tired” and items 41-80 would have been “I’m hungry.”

2. So, now it’s another week. I am running a half marathon on Saturday in Red Wing. I really want to race it, but the weather might have other plans. I am, however, giving myself a chance and doing a major cut-back week this week. I’ll maybe hit 55 miles, including the race, if I’m lucky. But, except for the recovery week post-Grandma’s, I’ve hit 60+ every week since the end of May. Time for a 2-week lull before jumping into the training plan for NYCM.

3. In t-minus 8 days (who’s counting? This girl. I’m always counting) I will be a nomad. My oh-so-concrete plan looks something like: MN-Milwaukee-Chicago (Lolla!!) – ?? – Colorado??? – ?? – San Francisco?? – Arizona??? So, um, yeah – my friends in Colorado and Cali will be getting FB messages about my upcoming Western tour (look for a ’92 Camry near you). I’m not sure I’ll be able to get rid of those question marks, even though they are taunting me. I am trying to embrace the freedom. It is admittedly not easy.

4. I am working with recruiters to find a job. I am to the point where I’m just kind of waiting for emails and phone calls and I’m going crazy. I’ve been doing some searching on my own, but I can’t just send out resumes willy-nilly if I also want to work with recruiters. So, even if I find something on my own, I still have to wait for a recruiter because I have to contact them to make sure they don’t have any contacts at the company with the job posting, then wait for them to respond, yada yada yada. I like being proactive, so yet another thing taunting me right now. But, I know that in the long run, it will be faster and easier to work with them, so I suppose I will be patient.

5. Oh yeah, I ran today. 6.25 in 58:27. Nice and easy, recovery-style. I’ll do another 3-4 this evening. I absolutely adore double recovery days. I wasn’t sure I would, but I am head-over-heels in love with them. Two runs to flush out soreness and tightness, plus sneaking in a 10-mile day without having to run 10 miles? Awesome.

6. I went with one of my dear hs friends to see U2 on Saturday. We stood for 8 hours, it poured rain, we had to deal with miserable public transportation afterward (seriously, Metro Transit, two words: bus lane. Another few words: an empty train should not depart the station when a bus-full of very tired, wet, crabby riders, who have been standing on said bus for over an hour, arrives. If it does depart, it should be because there is one immediately – not over a half hour – behind it to transport the hundreds of people waiting), but it was still one of the most awesome things I have ever experienced.

6.25. Does anyone want to pack up all my shit for me in the next 8 days?

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