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Executive Decision.

Two list items for this blog post. 1 – an explanation; 2 – an executive decision.

1- Yeah, it’s been a while. Between the editing gig and the job search, I’ve been spending nearly every waking moment on the computer. So, in my spare time, it’s hard to sit down and write at the computer.

2- This past weekend, I made an executive decision about my race calendar. Most of this decision was made on my long run on Saturday. As you runners know, most internal debates that occur during long runs come in the form of a stream-of-conciousness, voices-in-your-head, back-and-forth random thoughts. I will do my best here to give you the transcript of this debate:

Ok, it’s Saturday, I want to do at least 15 miles today.
But my legs feel like crap. Where did these shin splints come from?
Probably only because of the 300-ft decline in the last mile. I’ll feel fine in a minute.
Ok, in 5-6 miles I’m sure I’ll feel better.
I have to pick a spring marathon. Doing one in March means I have to start training, like, now.
Wow, it seems like I just finished training for New York. And, before that, Grandma’s and a high-mileage summer. And before that, Boston. And before that, Tiberias.But it’s time to run a spring marathon! And I want to do Boston for fun, so I need another goal race.
It’s been 6 miles, and my legs still feel like shit.
And I’ve had time to “just run” without training.
So why do I have to run 15 miles today?
Because I have to start training. And I don’t have much time, so I have to make sure the long runs are up high enough before I start my plan.
So I’m not “just running,” huh?
Hmm, I guess not.
So, even though I feel like crap, probably shouldn’t be doing a long run, I’m doing one anyway. Not because I “want” to, but because I “have” to because I “have” to start training again.
Erm… I guess… I have no good answer for that. Hang on, if I just stop (again) to stretch, maybe then I’ll feel better.
Let’s make a deal – double digits, but not 15.
Fine. Deal. I guess I haven’t really had a lot of time to “just run.” An maybe the reason it’s been so hard to commit to a race and a training plan is because I’m not really ready to start training again.
There will be fall marathons. The 3:10 will be there. But I have had a long year of running. I need to “just run” for a while longer.
I give the same advice to everyone else. If it’s not fun, it’s not worth forcing. I do feel great running lately, though.
So I can continue to feel great not training. I can give myself a break.
Hey, I’m feeling a little better now. Not 15 miles better, but I think I can manage 12.
Why 12?
Because I WANT to. Might as well take advantage of the fact that my legs feel good now!
Sounds good to me.

So, long story short. I have decided not to do a spring goal race. I’ll see how I feel in a month to decide if I want to train for Boston or leave it as a fun race – probably still the latter. And I will focus on just running for now. Maybe some shorter stuff, just getting into the vibe of the new running team this winter,Ā  And pick a kick-ass fall goal race.

I have ALSO decided, to completely throw myself into this “just running” thing, that until the first of the year, I will not be logging or tracking my runs or other workouts. I will admit that I will still wear my Garmin and record the data (because, let’s be honest, it will kill me to have blanks in my training log and especially not to know how many miles I run this year), but I will not be peeking at it until Jan. 1.

And hopefully I’ll be writing more šŸ™‚

2 thoughts on “Executive Decision.”

  1. I've been pretty much in the same boat lately. I've told myself that I will get back to training when I “want” to, not when I “should”. So the last month or so it has been like that and fortunately now I have been feeling like I am ready to train again. I knew if I forced myself out there to train it would make a long spring marathon cycle, and probably an even longer 2012. Hope it works out for you as well.


  2. Hi Erin, I just found your blog today. I am training for my first marathon in march in Tel Aviv. I started to run only a year ago and I ran the Beit Shean HM last month – it was amazing! Enjoy “just running”! šŸ™‚


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