running, San Francisco

Week in Review: 03.05-03.11

Total miles: 69.33
Average weekly pace: 8:30
Total running time: 9:51
Total swimming yards: 0
Total swimming time: 0
Walk/hike distance: ~4
Walk/hike time: ~1:00
Strength training time: 1:50
Total workout time: 12:41

M, 03.05: 8.5 miles in ~45:00 – I left my Garmin in my teammate’s car after Saturday’s race, so this was weird. I also forgot to write down the time, so I’m just guesstimating on the time it took. Oops. This was a good run to start off what turned into a crazy week! I had to do it at the crack of chickens due to my new part-time job that requires me to be a normal person with normal hours 2 days a week. And of course, had time allowed, I felt like going farther. Le sigh.

T, 03.06: 3.5 in 30:30 (am); 30′ PT session with chiro; 8.6 in 1:07:56 (pm) – The morning run was just a typical shake out the legs run in anticipation of the evening workout. I was so busy all day that I didn’t have a chance to do more than glance at the prescribed workout, didn’t get a chance to calculate the pace for the 600 repeats we’d be doing, and then when I showed up to practice, there was the option for 3×10 min at LT pace with 2 min rest between efforts. Obviously, this seemed like a much better marathon workout, so Pam, Heather, and I headed to the park for these repeats. I was still without my Garmin and had no idea how my body would feel after Saturday’s race. Pam had also raced on Saturday, and Heather had done a killer workout over the weekend, so none of us knew exactly what we’d be capable of. I was running blindly with Pam, who announced after a mile that I was either going to be really happy or really pissed that I didn’t have my Garmin. After the second repeat, she said, “Ok, Miss I’m-scared-of-sub-7-pace, we’re hitting 6:45s.” And I felt amazing the entire time – not like I was struggling to keep up or to push the pace; just strong and solid and in control. I don’t think I’m going to be going Garmin-less as a rule, but it just really solidified for me the mental debris I’m sifting through right now. It was a great workout to redeem myself for my crappy race and move on to the next stage of my training.

W, 03.07: 5.56 in 56:30 (am); 4.1 in 35:49 (pm) – Body felt good in general today. The morning run was a gorgeous but early run in the park. The evening run was with my beer-drinking running club through the Mission – so some killer hills were involved, but I felt good.

I met for my second appointment with the sports psychologist today. We talked a lot about finding focus and a routine. My goal between now and our next appointment is to find a mantra that I can use when the negative demons start entering into my head during workouts and races. I’m also going to start scheduling even more about my day – including runs, email and Facebook time, etc. – so that I’m not so scattered all the time. I’d already been working on a pre-run routine, which I haven’t quite flushed out yet, but at the very least I’m trying to be more focused on just the run, rather than checking email a million times while I change and getting distracted by other things.

R, 03.08: 11.4 in 1:32:58 – I finally hit the road just before sunset, and spent 2 miles trying to figure out what kind of workout I wanted to do: mile repeats at LT, longer LT repeats, hills at LT effort… I finally did 2×2 miles at LT, 15 min easy, 10 min uphill @ LT effort. The first LT split was a bit slow (7:10), but I was running on a dark-ass path with unsure footing for half of it. When I moved over to the road, things got better, and the second 2 miles were at 6:54. I felt pretty solid, and I’m glad I pushed things rather than just doing an easy MLR. I also played around with a few mantras, and I think I found a good one. I followed the run with 15 minutes of hip/glute exercises.

F, 03.09: 5.57 in 50:58 – A nice, early, easy recovery run. Followed by 25 minutes of core work.

S, 03.10: 22.1 in 3:07:49 – Long runs like this are the reason I train for marathons. After a few miles of getting into the groove, I was hitting low-8s for pretty much the entire run. I felt smooth, strong, was breathing easy, and my heart rate stayed well below 160 until I ran uphill for the last mile or two. I haven’t had as many super long runs this cycle, between racing and doing some longer quality workouts on the weekends, so it felt good to get a solid one in the books.

U, 03.11: SRD – After realizing my mileage for the week was at the 70 mark, I thought a rest day was called for, as I was feeling a bit creaky. As the day went on, I debated going out, but a good kettlebell session and a long walk through Lands End was more than enough.

Next week:
I’m racing the Emerald Across the Bay 12k on Sunday. I’m going to juggle things around a bit and do a long-ish run on Thursday (16-17 miles) so I don’t have to worry about missing a long run for the race. That gives me a full two days to recover before the race.

I’m also really going to focus on the mental training aspect and see how I can implement some of the things I talked about with the psychologist into my training runs and races. Tuesday’s workout on the track should be a good test, as the workout’s a tough one!

My schedule has suddenly become a lot more rigid due to a new part-time job that has me on “normal-person” hours two days a week. I still need to readjust my routine to make sure I can still get to the pool and do strength training. I have a few exercises from my PT/chiropractor that take about 15 minutes to do, so that’s been good to do immediately after runs, but my regular weights and kettlebell routines are still important for me to fit in.

On that note, it’s an early morning tomorrow, so in the interest of sleep (another thing for me to get better at this week), that’s all for now!

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