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I’m all packed up to save the world

Friday, January 20th, 21:43: I sent a text to my traveling boyfriend before bed, letting him know what I was up to. I had just finished organizing my stuff to carry me through the next day, which would be replete with some of my favorite people, doing some of my favorite things and, well, estrogen.… Continue reading I’m all packed up to save the world

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Week in Review: 03.05-03.11

Total miles: 69.33Average weekly pace: 8:30Total running time: 9:51Total swimming yards: 0Total swimming time: 0Walk/hike distance: ~4Walk/hike time: ~1:00Strength training time: 1:50Total workout time: 12:41M, 03.05: 8.5 miles in ~45:00 - I left my Garmin in my teammate's car after Saturday's race, so this was weird. I also forgot to write down the time, so… Continue reading Week in Review: 03.05-03.11

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Tapers and races and new goals, oh my!

Today: 9 miles in 1:13:591. I'm in full-on taper madness. 12 days until NYCM! This means I'm overly hyper about creaks and phantom pains, keep waffling about my goal time and race strategy, and all that good stuff. Although, the more marathons I do, the less I find myself obsessing over race logistics. Maybe that… Continue reading Tapers and races and new goals, oh my!