random thoughts

Dear Trump Supporters,

Ok, we’re listening. We’ve been trying to, but your vote on Tuesday was a wake-up call that we missed something.

So, explain it to us. We want desperately to understand.

We’ve heard you say that you voted for him in spite of his racist, sexist, misogynistic, xenophobic, fascist, bullying traits. Because he’ll change things and address your anger and fear.

From where I’m sitting, in the aftermath of the election, your vote has spoken louder than your words. Your vote has told me that you don’t just condone his behavior but you are complicit in it, despite what you say to convince me you’re not ____ist.

You now have four years to prove me wrong.

Prove that you don’t condone his racism by standing up for your fellow citizens when you see their needs aren’t being served.

Prove it by speaking out when policies or decisions are unfair and go against our nation’s creed of equality.

Prove it by shouting out if he ignores basic economic or scientific fact when making decisions.

Prove it by believing when your brothers and sisters from different races, genders, sexual orientations, religions, and disabilities tell you that they feel threatened and attacked.

Prove it by stopping yourselves and others from making disparaging remarks based on race, gender, sex, religion, disability. Call out the guy catcalling a woman or telling racist jokes.

Prove it by seeking out both sides of a story (and ask us to do the same).

Prove it by volunteering in your communities, writing editorials, joining protests, signing petitions, writing your senators and representatives, donating to social justice and other organizations.

Prove that hateful outbursts are the exception and not the rule.

Prove it by not turning your very real anger and fear into hate.

49.7 million of you voted for Trump. It is up to you to prove that you will join the remaining 270 million of us in doing whatever we can to prevent the hateful language that Trump used in his campaign from becoming a reality.

I’m all ears, because I still hope and want to believe that there aren’t nearly 50 million ______ists out there. So, I welcome you into the fight — one that’s driven by love and truly wanting what’s great for America, not just one segment of it.

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