tuesday morning coffee

Tuesday Morning Coffee: What Is

I’ve had a small epiphany. I want to share and encourage you to think about how this may happen in your own life, in your own thoughts.

This epiphany isn’t a switch. It’s a small but powerful realization that I’ll continue to think about and write about and process.

This realization is, that I spend a lot of time resisting What Is True in favor of What I Expect. What I Imagine. What I contrive, force, will.


My brain spins with the plotting and planning and wanting things a certain way, instead of stopping to see how life actually is.

Because of this, everything becomes an assault on my world.

What I Want is to make the green light and get home fast because I’m tired and why isn’t this person driving faster and oh my god won’t you just move over a bit so I can get through and seriously-why are you doing that and why is there so much traffic and step on it you can get through that yellow light and oh my god SERIOUSLY why are you doing that people are nuts I hate everyone.

What Is True is there is a slow car (could be lost) just trying to make their way down the road and a car stopped legally at a red light close to the white line because they don’t expect a scooter to slip through and someone who is driving through the city for the first time and whose GPS has lost signal and it’s 5:30pm so of course there’s traffic everyone is just trying to get home, just like you, and breathe.

It’s not about giving up what I want. It’s accepting that the journey is unpredictable.

Today’s post is short – work unfortunately calls this morning. Check out some of my other posts or read about me if you still want more, and subscribe via email to have me in your inbox very Tuesday morning (form on the right)!

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