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7 for today’s 7.36 in 1:07:01

1. My left hamstring is being a cranky asshatface. It has been off and on since I had to run 20 miles on a treadmill last weekend (F), followed by another 8 TM miles the next day (S). My legs always revolt from TM miles. On day 3 (U), I noticed it grabbing after a mile so called it quits and took the next day  (M) off. It didn’t even whisper at last week’s Tuesday track session, and was nice all week until Saturday, where it started protesting during the end of my last LT repeat. I cut today’s planned 10 short because I want to do tomorrow’s track workout. I found some nasty shit with the foam roller post-run – of course, I’ve been rolling it ever since it started squawking, but today was especially brutal. Between the rolling and icing, I hope to nip this niggle in the bud – it feels a million times better tonight than it did this morning.

For those of you who have dealt with cranky hamstrings before, I have a question: when I roll, the tightest point is at the top of my hamstring, near my glute, but the part that is cranky is at the other end, on the outside of my leg close to my knee. I’m sure the tightness is just manifesting itself there, but has anyone else had this happen?

2. Today was probably a “do as I say, not as I do” run. I think I should have cut it even shorter. I know I would have given that advice to anyone with a niggle. So, I will berate myself for running and promise (with crossed fingers) that it will never happen again. I blame the fact that I was 3.5 miles away from home when I realized I should probably not do 10 miles and that returning was almost all downhill, which didn’t stress things out too badly, and that it doesn’t really “hurt,” but just feels like it could be very easily convinced to turn into a monster.

3. Tomorrow morning, I’ll evaluate things and see how the leg feels about a 3 mile easy run. I don’t want any surprises at practice tomorrow night. But, as per post #2 above, I’ll be smart!

4. Last week, I got to join the team for a clinic/presentation by a sports psychologist. A lot of what she said really resonated with me, and it’s been making my mind churn a bit, both about running and other stuff. She talked a lot about breaking bad patterns and gaining confidence and turning off negative self-talk. I’m not going to expand any more now, but I think some mental training blogs are forthcoming. It also made me realize that, even though I’m not really a believer in “fate,” per se, the universe sometimes brings people into our lives at the exact moment you need them. The trick is to recognize you need them.

5. I am trying to not feel guilty over not setting my alarm and waking up at 8 naturally every day. I work from home. I should not have to get up at 6 just for the sake of having a long morning, especially when I can’t usually get myself to bed before 11 no matter how good my intentions are. So what if my work day begins at 10? Sleep trumps forcing myself to be a morning person!

6. I’m going to be very, very cranky if my hamstring sucks tomorrow.

7. I will be smart – I will be smart – I will be smart.

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