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6 for 6

6 for today’s easy 6 in 57:05

1. I am writing this from my balcony, where I am sitting in a cozy chair in a bikini top and floppy sun hat. The sun is hot, the breeze is cool, I can see the ocean, and it’s days like this that make me have to pinch myself to realize that I’m here, that I’m here because I want to be and for no other reason, and that makes me happy. I told my mom the other day that on each of my runs, I still have a moment that takes my breath away, be it a view or a passing “I’m lucky to be here thought.” I hope I never lose the ability to count my blessings.

2. I normally go long on Saturdays, but I’m doing the Kaiser Permanente half marathon tomorrow, so I still have one more hard workout this week. I won’t be racing it, but rather doing it as a MP run. I’ll do approximately 3 miles to warm up, then do the race in 1:35 (7:14 pace). This race is right in my backyard, on the roads I run nearly every day, so it will be a fun way to get in my first official MP run of the training cycle. It is actually an ideal course for a PR race, but as I mentioned last time, that’s not what I need right now in my training.

3. Even though I still have one more workout to go this week, I have felt really great all week long. I think I’ll be able to bump up the mileage a bit next week while keeping the same amount of quality runs. I think increasing the mileage and holding it steady for a few weeks is letting me adapt to the addition of some intense workouts. Hopefully this will continue over the upcoming weeks as the long runs get longer.

4. On Thursday, I’ll be heading to Cancun with some of my best girlfriends for a long weekend. I will have to do some adjusting, but I don’t think I’m going to be able to avoid a long run while I’m there. This will probably mean heading to the treadmill in the fitness center of the resort, as I’m not really sure I should be trying to run 20 miles along a highway in Mexico. It’s crazy to think that Mexico is now on the “do not run in strange places alone” list, but I’d rather load up my iPod with episodes of This American Life and Marathon Times podcasts than be looking over my shoulder for 20 miles. Unless, of course, anyone has recently been to Cancun and can suggest a good running route 🙂 Of course, once I get there, I may be able to find a little loop around the grounds of the resort to run around millions of times. (Note to the girls: I’ll wake up early enough and won’t let the run lessen my fun the night before, so you won’t even know I’ve done it. This is vacation, after all, and I’d rather have a crappy run than give up any fun!)

5. Ok, males (and anyone else who doesn’t want to hear girl-talk), skip to #6 (and don’t say I didn’t warn you). Since Houston, I’ve been really diligent about counting calories and trying to get my diet back in check. And the scale Has. NOT. Budged. And it’s super frustrating because it makes me want to just give up. I had an epiphany the other day: that the time over which I’ve seen the scale creep up coincides exactly with a change in my birth control pill prescription. And sure enough, this week I’m on the placebo, and I dropped a good 5 pounds almost overnight! Holy crap! I have an appointment on Monday to get a new prescription, and I hope I can go back to something without this terrible side effect. I’ve been on several pills and this is the first time I’ve had to deal with weight gain. Any other ladies have this problem? How annoying is that? My clothes really aren’t fitting any differently, but I’d rather not have to carry around the extra pounds on my runs, especially when I’m trying to lean up and slim down. Stoopid hormones.

6. Ok, welcome back males. Looking back on the goals I set for myself this week, I realize I should recap if I met them or not!
~ Nailing Tuesday’s workout of 1200 m repeats at 10 K pace. That’s about 6:30 for me, so I will just focus on not going out too fast so I can complete all the reps.* Met and then some! I was stoked about this workout! I hit splits at 5:01 (6:32 pace); 5:00 (6:28); 4:53 (6:21); 4:55 (6:22); 4:58 (6:28); 4:52 (6:21). And I felt fantastic – for as bad as I felt last week, I felt awesome during this workout. Hoo-yah!
~ I missed swimming last week. One good swim session, probably on Thursday night.
* Swam on Wednesday afternoon for 45 mins (2300 yds).
~ More kettlebell! Well, strength in general.
* Did one core session, two leg-heavy strength sessions, and three KB sessions. I really feel the difference on my when I get these workouts in.~ 8 hours of sleep per night. Which means getting over the “guilt” factor of sleeping in a bit. I freelance and work from home, why do I need to get up at 6:00 if I know I can’t get my butt to bed before 22:00? Once a night owl…* Erm. Fail. 6-7 hours each night. But I am working on this!
~ One mid-week blog post in my old “list” format.
* Just in under the wire with today’s post.

I’ll be back tomorrow or Monday with a full recap of the week!

3 thoughts on “6 for 6”

  1. Nuva Ring! I have basically no side effects and it's less thinking than taking a pill every day. I've never been on anything else but I can't imagine switching.


  2. I have an IUD (which virtually has eliminated my periods as well) with no weight gain and LOVE IT. It took a 'yeah, don't think I really want kids' for me to finally go for it, but it was a great decision!


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