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Finding my voice

I’ve posted a blog every day since April 20, thus bringing me to about the two-thirds mark of sticking with this for 30 days. Thirty days to make a habit, right? At the end of those thirty days, I don’t know if I’ll post every day or not, but I definitely want to keep writing every day. That may mean some longer format posts that take more than a single day to develop, writing more in my journal instead of for public consumption, or writing some fiction that will slowly turn into… something.

It seems like pretty much every day has been a pretty random post, not really connected to what came the day before, and most of the time not really planned out ahead of time. It’s been a great way to practice train-of-thought, observational writing, getting something off my chest, writing when I don’t want to, and helping me to process what my inner voices are telling me.

Given that my thoughts and daily passions tend to be a bit random and disconnected, I suppose this isn’t surprising. But, it’s occurred to me that I’m not really curating anything here—which obviously is fine, it’s a blog and I can do whatever I want. But I want this to be different than Erin’s Online Journal. I guess I want it to mean something, if I’m spending the time to put my words out into the world.

But, going forward, what will be the pieces that truly inspire me to work on something for more than a half hour? What voice do I want to project? The researcher and student in me think that I could probably write ten pages about pretty much any topic you give me, with enough time to investigate and learn. Given the daily aspect to my current posting, there hasn’t been a lot of time leftover to really poke around to find sources and supplemental material around a specific idea or theory. That said, the most-viewed posts of mine have been about running (specifically when I have a horrible race), my dad, and when I share some sort of struggle or perceived weakness. What does this tell me? You all like when I write about myself and not when I try to transmit knowledge or explain something. For someone who likes to feel like an expert and knowledgeable about stuff, this is a bit of a 180, but maybe something I can play around with when I work on some longer form writing and not posting every day.

What writing every day has taught me is that it’s never really finished, that it’s ok not to have it all neat and tidy and wrapped up with a bow, that I will always ALWAYS think of additional points and clever turns of phrase after something is published, and that it’s ok to be random and disorganized in the name of being open to what comes from that.

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