Latent Lollygagger: Hanging in There

It occurs to me that the next time I sit down on a Wednesday morning to write a blog post, it will be November 4th.

We may wake up that day knowing the results of the election, or we may wake up to even more uncertainty that we are experiencing now.

I’m hoping to be rid of some of the churning in my gut, but realistically it’s not like a switch gets flipped on the 3rd to make life look wholly different than it does now. The one thing to hope for, I suppose, is hope.

This next week will also be a whirlwind of input, of doubt, of rhetoric, of lies, of texts and phone calls.

As for me, I’m setting my productivity bar pretty low. It’s easy to get sucked into all the craziness, so while I’m not anticipating a lot of productivity, I also don’t want to spend that time doom scrolling through Twitter and getting lost in headlines.

I’m trying to take extra walks with the doggo, use runs as something to look forward to and a way to disconnect, stare out the window instead of at my phone.

But I also need to give myself work-from-couch time and set timers to find periods of time to write and work.

Extra hugs and cuddles.

Acknowledging my anxiety and fear and working through it: not denying it, but not letting it take over. Understanding that it will just make me move slower and with more distraction than usual.

I’m also grateful to be a poll worker on Tuesday so I can focus on what I can control and not fret over the exit polls and predictions and start drinking at noon.

I hope everyone is hanging in there. What is working for you this week? Or not working?

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