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My boring blog post.

I am currently planted on my friend L’s futon in her UES apartment watching football and recovering from not just yesterday’s festivities, but my entire crazy week. I’ll recap:

1. Last weekend, I had an amazing time running the Reach the Beach relay with my awesome online running friends. We distance runners are usually so focused on our individual races that it’s a real treat to be a part of a team. Even though there is so much camaraderie to be had at normal races, with the pre- and post-run get-togethers, there’s such a different feeling to being part of a team. You don’t want to be the member who doesn’t match the effort and speed of your teammates – dropping sub-MP paces the entire 32 miles was possible only because all of my awesome teammates were doing the same.

2. We had zero idea of “how” to run this relay – no one had ever done an ultra version before, and we all basically assumed we’d be around MP due to the number of miles we all had to run – between 28 to 40. The two guys on the team happened to lead us off with some killer legs, and the ladies couldn’t let them down. As each of us continued to run faster than what we thought, I think all of us were kind of waiting for the wall to come past which our sleep-deprived bodies would slow us down. And of course we did slow a bit, but not nearly as much as I was expecting. Not even close. I’m so impressed and proud of us!

3. Our final time was 23:32:33, a pace of 7:21 min/mile – 38th overall and 1st mixed ultra team! The win was truly icing on the cake – we didn’t even think about it as we were running so it was a fun perk to add to our excitement after the race.

4. After the race, I stayed with my friend V and her family in lower Manhattan. It was great to hang out with her, as always, and get to know her 2-year-old son. Yes, it’s possible to get to know a 2-year-old, although we’re not quite up to having hear-to-hearts yet 🙂

5. As I was on the bus on the way to Boston for the relay, I made a phone call to one of the companies I had had a phone interview with for a west coast-based position. The company is based in Boston, so I had emailed saying I would be out East if it would be possible to arrange a face-to-face interview. I had been unsure about making the call, because I’m trying to walk the line of being assertive but not desperate, but I finally decided it couldn’t hurt. I’m definitely glad I did – even though it meant having to bus back to Boston for a quick 24-hour trip. Special thanks to Sully and his roomie for letting me crash on their couch so as to avoid 2 bus trips in one calendar day.

6. Obviously I can’t say much about the interview, but I think it went well. It was almost anti-climactic due to all the traveling around I had to do for it because it was pretty relaxed. They’re trying to fill the position fast so hopefully I’ll hear something this week!

7. Yesterday, two of my grad-school friends got married. I had such a great time celebrating this awesome couple – a couple I have known since the beginning of their relationship. The wedding was at 10:30 am, which no one had experienced before. It was a bit strange to be drinking and dancing in broad daylight, but we quickly got over it 😉 It was a great time, and a bit of a grad school reunion. In the interest of full disclosure, I invoked the “special occasion” clause of my no-sugar diet and had some wedding cake. And I don’t feel guilty at all, not even a little bit.

8. The wedding and reception were in the Bronx, but the wedding hotel was in Rye, NY. Putting a bunch of Manhattanites on a party bus to Rye and then congregating them all in the hotel bar is a pretty funny scenario. Of course, it wasn’t so much about the “where” as it was about the “who,” so we had ourselves a good ol’ time. The “where” only became important when we realized we had to, um, get home somehow. Putting a bunch of Manhattanites in Rye without first calculating the cost of car service to get back is also quite the picture.

9. In between all this traveling and partying, I have been running. This week was kind of screwed up because of the relay; I wanted to keep the miles up but I also knew I’d have to really listen to my body to give it whatever recovery it would want after the race. That meant cutting a few miles off each run in the beginning of the week, especially because my right hamstring was a bit crabby. My runs were all slowwww and, to be honest, kind of torturous. I didn’t feel good, but I knew that it was only a matter of time before I’d get my legs back, and that by taking it easy and running everything at recovery pace would only shorten that time.

10. I moved my long run to Friday because of the early wedding. The chance to run in Central Park is always a motivator for me, although as I started, the 90% humidity really made it hard for me to wrap my mind around doing 20 miles. I started out slow and slogging, once again resigning myself to the fact that I wasn’t totally recovered. But then, it started raining. The second half of the run was in the torrential downpour, and I loved every second of it. My legs did, too, and I was able to drop the paces into my proper MLR zone and feel great doing it. My hamstring didn’t talk, and I finished soaked and renewed.

11. My Garmin cradle is being fussy and I think I have to send it in for a new one. This means I can’t upload and I can’t charge. I’m dreading what this means: Timex.

12. I ran 6.5 this morning. I’m supposed to get out for another 4. The couch is super comfortable though….

13. This is kind of a boring post. I guess I’m not feeling very deep or humorous today. I blame the Vikings – I was super motivated to write a blog but got about halfway through and decided to give up.

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