Latent Lollygagger: Good Enough

This month’s theme is Desire.

Yesterday and today were crazy at the ol’ day job, so I didn’t have my usual Tuesday morning blog time, and the free time I thought I’d have today got sucked up by time-sensitive requests and last-minute fires to put out.

My desire to write got subsumed by life.

This isn’t rare, in fact this sometimes becomes the main reason it’s hard to go after those hidden rumblings of desire. If they’re really buried, or we’re trying to make room for them, we maybe haven’t figured out where they fit in the context of the rest of our lives.

And when they do start surfacing, they start to look amorphous at best, and totally out of reach at worst.

“I WANT TO BE A WRITER” makes it sound like I need to write perfectly and publish exquisite pieces and have the words tumble out.

A real writer who really was dedicated would have woken up earlier yesterday to write her blog before Day Job started. She would have skipped the run. She will now make up for it by apologizing to her readers and writing something even longer! Better! More words! Gah!

Sometimes, the only thing that will move a desire along is by adopting a motto.

Not anything harsh, like “no pain, no gain,” or something equally ridiculous.

Might I suggest: “Good Enough.”

Squeezing in a few minutes while J was finishing dinner, and another few minutes between dinner and a Zoom call with friends, is Good Enough.

Not checking my Google Sheet to see what topic I’d set for today’s (erm, yesterday’s) date: Good Enough. And look, it had to do with the monthly theme, anyway!

Not spending moments agonizing over what image to use from Unsplash: Good Enough.

Doing something little tiny that is in service of my desires, even though it’s not ideal: Good Enough.

See also: It’s better than nothing

What does desire mean to you? What do you desire (or how are you struggling with desire) right now? Comment below or on my Facebook page.

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